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Musical Love & General Greetings Cards

A new card section for us for all the general and love cards.
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Cellists Do It An Octave Lower Card by HM

Cellists Do It card in red by Rosie Brooks with a cellist & the words “an octave lower!” for any musician, music student etc.

Friends Who Play Together Card by HM

Friends Who Play Together card by Rosie Brooks with 2 violinist & the words “stay together!” for any musician, music student etc.

Heart of Clef Greetings Card by MGC

Hearts of Clefs musical greetings card in white with a heart design with notes & symbols a card for any musician, music teacher or music student.

If Music Is The Food of Love Card by Penny Gaj

If Music Is The Food of Love Greetings card decorated with string instruments & ancient figures from an watercolour & idea for any musician.

Italian Balconies Greetings Card by HM

Italian Balconies greetings card with Erica Sturla’s clay characters for any musician, music teacher, student or music lover.

Piano Greetings Card by Quire

Music themed cut out greetings card with a black grand piano making a lovely card for any piano student, piano teacher, conductor or musician.

The Single Best Thing Card by HM

The Single Best Thing That Happened To Me (Is You) loving card for any musician, girlfriend, musical partner and many more.

With Love Card by Penny Gaj

Music themed "With Love" card decorated with musical symbols, clefs & hearts from an original watercolour making a great musicians card or enthusiast.